bike electrification part two

Part two of bike electrification is the BDSS (Big Dummy Sound System).

Speakers 2

Components are:

  • Speakers: KLH Audio Systems S-PRO4 Satellite Series Speakers (from Radio Shack, Catalog #40-148) (About $50)
  • “Cheng Sheng Mini HiFi Stereo Amplifier Amp For Mp3 mp4 Ipod Car” from Ebay. $1.25 + $10.95 S&H from Hong Kong
  • 12v SLA Battery
  • Female Cigarette Lighter (for other 12v items) w/ inline fuse
  • Inline fuse (2Amp)
  • Speaker Wire

“Cheng Sheng”… Ask for it by name!!! (Can somebody say Engrish!!!)

Cheng Sheng Amp

The power connector was taken off of an old power supply that I had in a box of junk that happened to have the proper adapter for the amp.

Power Cord

The amp is mounted to the bottom of the snapdeck with double sided mounting tape. I got the “extra heavy duty” tape so the amp will not end up stuck in my rear wheel.

Amp Installation

I used an old milk carton for a splash guard, mounted with double sided tape. Since I don’t have a rear fender, this should keep most of the water and mud off of the amp, yet still allow it to breath.

Amp with splashguard

Another view of the splashguard looking from the rear under the snapdeck:

Splashguard Underdeck

And a view of the amp mounted in place. It is easy to reach back to adjust the volume. Make sure whatever amp you find from ebay has a big volume knob, makes it easy for on the fly adjustments. And of course has a cool brand name like Cheng Sheng.

Amp-eye view

I used an old Griffin “Wave” iPhone case for the holder. Journey Escape (old school) spinning on the iPhone.

iPhone bracket holder with phone

The case is held by a plastic bike pump frame mount bracket (Planet Bike SKU #1009-2). A velcro strap in the middle holds the bracket in place.

iPhone bracket holder

Another view of the holder, I drilled through the phone case with two small flathead screws, and into the bracket.

iPhone bracket holder

And taped it with electrical tape to hide the sharp points.

iPhone bracket holder

Speaker brackets (included) were mounted with nylon zip ties. I placed some adhesive foam insulation tape on the inside of the brackets and then attached with three nylon zip ties for each speaker. I’d like to build a better bracket connection, but that’s all that I’ve got so far.



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