almost certain death x3

Not about the Big Dummy, but the other Big Dummy’s night ride adventure from this Tuesday night. A nice easier ride, 1700 vertical feet in 19.5 miles, the Meyer Gulch to Hardscrabble Road to Pipeline downhill. The pipeline downhill consists of about 2 miles of singletrack, then into the remaining three gulch doubletrack, a good choice for a solo night ride on the 29SS

Marin Pine Mountain 29" SS

All of the off-pavement riding was flawless and fun, but once I started riding back home through Perfectville, is when the near death experiences started…

Near Death Experience #1 – Ninja Dog

Its dark, and I’ve got my light mounted on the handlebar, as I was riding down one of the streets, I hear it… the clanging sound of dog tags as Ninja Dog coming in for the attack. I look back behind me, to the left, then the right; it’s dark, and I can’t see anything, so I just pedal as fast as I can on a singlespeed, hoping to outrun the stupid beast. My heart is racing, and I’m trying to decide where it is at. Finally, I don’t hear the clanging anymore, but my heart in my throat is still going strong.

Near Death Experience #2 – Nighttime Skateboarders

Riding on the paved bike path, as I go around a blind left turn, two skateboarders are heading right down the middle of the path. Of course, I am too, I mean, who is out this late in the dark on the path? Obviously, two skateboarders and me. We both swerve at the last minute to avoid what would have been certainly an ugly headon.

Near Death Experience #3 – Inattentive Driver

I’m nearing a three way stop with crosswalks, my light blaring full blast. There is a car that is stopped at the stop sign, and just to make sure that he sees me, I turn my handlebars a slight bit and bear down the light on his head. I can see that he’s on his cellphone, but I am sure that he saw the light. I start riding across the crosswalk, and just before I enter his path he lunges forward and then slams on his brakes as he realizes that he’s going to hit me.

All three near deaths in the course of about 5 minutes. They say bad things come in groups of three. Well I hope that this is it.

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